And in my Medieval fantasy, I’m an abstinent, childless nun and you’re the non-hemophiliac Lord of the Manor.

It’s raining here. And by the looks of the map, it’s probably raining where you are, too. Unless it isn’t  (I didn’t really watch the weather this morning. I’m just trying to create a sense of community here, people.) On my way to work, I passed a woman in a raincoat waiting for her dog to do his morning business. The dog was also wearing a raincoat. And this got me thinking about dog fashion and how much that woman’s dog must hate her when it rains. 

“Lady, I haven’t peed since dinnertime yesterday because you’re too lazy to take me out at night. I really have to go now and you won’t let me go here because ‘No, Peaches, that’s the carpet! Bad dog!’ but you’re making me wait here while you put this ridiculous raincoat on me. I am a dog. I f*cking love the water. My coat is MADE for the water. And I’m going to give you 10 seconds to stop arranging the hood on this coat jauntily before I pee all over this rug and your shoes. So help me, I’ll do it.” 

….Peaches seemed to say.

How do I know her name was Peaches? The owner kept chanting, “Good girl, Peaches. Go potty for mommy. Who’s a pretty girl in her raincoat? You are! Yes, you are! Yes, you are. Now come on and do poopsies for mommy.”

I don’t know about your dogs, but if my dog is too distracted by squirrels to drop a deuce, no amount of chanting or calling her a pretty girl is going to make a difference. Just saying. And what in the hell kind of person buys a raincoat for a dog?

Ok. You caught me. I may be a little jealous that they don’t make costumes or raincoats in Lola’s size. They only come in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. They do not make doggie clothes in size Behemoth. 
Ergo, I’m forced to be bitter. But let’s face it, even if they did make raincoats in Lola’s size, I wouldn’t go there. Too much time wasted putting it on. And besides, her feet would still be wet, meaning that she would still smell like wet dog. That is, of course, unless you bought the matching doggie rain booties to match.

Did I mention that Peaches was also wearing the color-coordinated rain booties?
This is not Peaches. This is a random dog from the internet that I found here: 
I think we all know how ridiculous I find this. But to each his own, and far be it for me to judge any of you. I spoon with my labradoodle and make her homemade dog treats from time to time. I’m just as sick as you are. NOT.

But for those interested parties who read and moaned along with me for yesterday’s post, I slept all through the night last night without a single Tums. So that was pretty awesome. I’m crazy groggy today because I forgot what deep sleep was like and my body had become unaccustomed to it. But thank God for modern medicine, right? Thank God for modern most things, actually – I think, anyways. Carter, however, begs to differ.

Carter wishes he lived in the Middle Ages. Whenever we watch Kingdom of Heaven, he always asks, “Babe, don’t you think I would have been an awesome knight?”  And while I wish that Hogwarts was real and that I got to take Potions and Charms and Transfiguration and have a pet owl, Carter wishes that Lord of the Rings was real and that he got to go all Medieval-y on some orcs while defending the fortress at Helms Deep. Because he’s crazy.

For Christmas last year, I bought him the deluxe “King’s Package” to Medieval Times. It was like giving an entire crack rock to an addict. …Or something less awful. (Nevermind. That’s terrible. Forget I said that. )

It was like taking a kindergartener to Disney World! (Much better.)

He sat in the front row. I bought him a commemorative flagon for his ale. He yelled at the yellow knight for giving me a rose as a token for me to keep as he went into battle. (He “died” first. Apparently I was really unlucky in the Medieval days as well. Word to the wise: don’t be using me as your lucky charm, Knights of the Round. You gon’ get lanced.)

This is a terrible picture of me with a horse’s ass. Carter made me wear the crown for the picture. This was pre-show. I was not happy about it. 
This is a really good picture of Carter with a different horse’s ass. He is holding his commemorative flagon and willingly wearing his crown. Just like the good knight he is. 
That’s our guy! You can almost hear his horse saying, “Man, I can’t believe you made me wear a dress. I’m  SO overdressed for this event. Look at all the hoodies out in the audience. This is the last time I listen to you.” 
I’ll admit it: he wasn’t the only one to enjoy himself. But that’s the funny thing about Medieval Times. Here’s the thought progression:

Holy shit, there are a lot of weirdos here.

What, you want me to pay $15.95 for a commemorative flagon? Fine. But you’re rubbing my feet later

This is so lame. And you want me to eat this chicken with my hands?
Oh, the show is starting. My, the horses are very pretty.

Oh, so that’s what the colors mean. I’m supporting the Yellow Knight.

No. I am not putting the crown on.

Absolutely not. Over my dead body will you put this crown on me.

What? They’re about to do a real joust?

We’re winning? But you need lots of cheering to boost him onward?


….Or something like that.

Sure, the fake Middle Ages are all flagons of ale and gesters and fake lances and even more fake sword fights and princesses locked in towers by evil wizards and drunkedness and horseback riding. But the real Middle Ages were nothing at all like that. (Okay. So there were flagons of ale. But only because none of the water was potable because it all had shit in it. And no. I am not exaggerating on that one.) 

Carter thinks he would have been a Lord or a Duke or something. Wrong-o. Carter is the middle child of 3 boys. His older brother would have inherited the estate. Carter would have been the captain of the guard, most likely, and terrorized the serfs. And his younger brother would have either gone into the church and become a priest to climb the ranks of power in that way, or would have just lazed about the manor house pretending to manage the books. Depending on how nice the eldest is.

So sure, all of Carter’s Kingdom of Heaven battle dreams may have been a reality. But so, too, would the gangrene, lice, slow death from wound infections, and generally bad dental care. Among other things.

And I would have had it worse.

See, here’s the thing:  Carter would have lived to be a ripe age of, oh, 35 or 40. That is if he avoided getting stabbed, took relative care of his teeth and weight, didn’t wear his leg garters too tightly (To show off those sexy calves, of course. …And because “socks” was a loose term.), and had a love of vegetables as well as wild boar. …Or didn’t get gored by said wild boar. 

I, on the other hand, would have lived to be a ripe age of 17. Oh sure, it was possible for women to live longer, particularly if they gave birth to tiny babies with tiny heads who were not breached, did not have cords around any body parts, and came in a timely fashion. Or if I were a nun. But I would only become a nun if I was too ugly to marry or my family couldn’t afford to feed me. I did have a huge gap between my teeth growing up that wouldn’t have been fixed through orthodontia, but a front gap was considered super sexy back then. In the Middle Ages, front tooth gap = modern side boob. So it would have been Procreation Station for me. Le sigh.

Let’s do the math. I am a horribly unlucky person (BLESSED. So very blessed. But unlucky.). Given my lack of luck, I would have married some miller with bad hygiene and syphilis who would carry the genes for babies with GIANT heads in his DNA. I would have married him at like 13, gotten pregnant in the same year, and likely not survived the experience.

That is, of course, if they didn’t burn me at the stake for being a witch because I had managed to attract a demon-spawned dragon burning up my lungs and innards with hell’s fire. This is now known as acid reflux, kittens. But not in the Middle Ages. Oh, no.

Also, did you know that in the Middle Ages, the greatest cause of death was falling in a ditch and drowning? I shit you not. You see, no one could swim. The roads were primitive, but they dug these deep ditches/reservoirs to each side of them so that the rain could drain and the road remain passable. Apparently people would get wasted, forget their lantern, and, not being able to see where they were going, fall in a ditch. Sad, right?

This life expectancy is, of course, assuming I survived to adolescence at all. Here’s another depressing fact for you about mothers in the Middle Ages. They sucked. Most babies weren’t even named until they turned two because the mortality rate was so high and even back then people know that if you name something, you get attached. Why was the mortality rate so high? Because Medieval parents sucked. Big time. Moms were really busy just trying to survive that they couldn’t be bothered to carry around their babies but weren’t nearly as smart as the Native Americans to develop baby-wearing boards (or Papoose). But babies are want to climb out of their cribs, aren’t they? So they would make a net out of rope and essentially imprison the baby in their crib. Awesome plan, right? Wrong.

Because here’s the other little fact about Medieval life – the house was the barn. This mean that pigs and chickens would be wandering in and out of the house all the time. The pigs were the least of your worries. Chickens, back then anyways, were apparently huge bitches. They would peck at hay that was too near to the fire and had smoldering edges and drop it into the baby crib. I don’t need to tell you how that story ends. Because, as I said, Medieval chickens are sadistic and bitchy.

Oh. And then we have the Bubonic Plague. I don’t  have to write anything more about this than the fact that it killed LITERALLY 1/3 of the population of Europe. 1/3!!!!!!!! And that was just the first time it came around….

So let’s summarize, shall we?

Carter’s View of the Middle Ages


          Inheritance of a large title and manor


          Crusading, only without all the gangrene and waiting around

          Flagons of ale!

Katie’s View of the Middle Ages (i.e. What the Middle Ages Were Actually Like and You Should Believe Her Because Not Only Did She Study it in College, but She’s Also a Genius Who Really “Knows Her Stuff.”)

          Bitchy, murderous chickens

          Sharing your bed with a bitchy, murderous chicken.

          The Black Plague

          Bitchy, murderous water trenches

          Giant-headed babies delivered by the midwife, i.e. the oldest women in the town who didn’t die in childbirth. (CLEARLY she must know what she’s doing. Obvi. She’s 34.)

          Venereal Disease


          Horrible food

          Horrible teeth

          Constant fear of the apocalypse

          Constant fear that demons were inhabiting your children

          Constant fear of neighboring warlords

          Constant fear of your own warlord

          No Prilosec. Or allergy pills. Or Pinot Noir. 

Why am I harshing your buzz? Two reasons:

1.       It’s raining and I don’t want to be at work and I’m cold.

2.       I’m so freaking thankful that I live in a time of modern medicine where I can go to a pharmacy and buy Prilosec for my angry tummy rather than go see a priest about being exorcised of me demons before being put on trial for witchcraft (Yea. It’s just that awesome.) and so I’m offering you some perspective on why I’m as thankful as I am! 

Ok three reasons:

3.       Because I alluded to the Middle Ages yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since and saw that dog in rain boots and thought, “Those medieval people would have eaten that dog, not dress it up.”

So there you go. You have been educated and depressed all in one post! So to lighten it up, and because I’m feeling a little bit silly today, I leave you with this lovely spoof of the Middle Ages from none other than Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Happy Wednesday, y’all! 

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  1. No need to ask … it is ALWAYS raining here… *sigh* not too big a fan of driving behind trucks on the highways during downpours.. ick.

    But! you look fabulous in that crown .. and when I have a dog.. well I’m still undecided about whether it shall wear stuff..or not.

    Also .. I too am glad I live in modern times.. many people say they were born in the wrong century or what not.. I’m pretty happy here today actually… I mean… WARM WATER from a tap people! Come on! (And a gazillion more arguments..of course)

    • I don’t actually mind the rain. I just hate walking to work in it. Driving in it isn’t very much fun either.

      Dog clothes are fine, in moderation. I really don’t have a problem with them. But rain booties? That’s a bit excessive. Right?

      And I couldn’t agree with you more. Warm water. Netflix. No rats in my living room. Penicillin. Life is good.

  2. my family and i went to Medieval Times in Chicago. best. time. ever. especially when you’re drunk around a crap ton of kids. lol. i got my picture with the black and white knight, who won that night. pretty sure he thought i was crazy.

    just be glad we really don’t have to live in the middle ages. 🙂

    • It was a really good time, I’ll admit. It’s just really overwhelming and there was a blizzard outside and since I was the DD since it was Carter’s present and all, I didn’t get to be drunk. The lack of drunkness does make you notice a lot about your fellow man that makes you go, “Huh. That’s odd.”

      I didn’t get any pictures with actual knights. But we did do the group shot with the “fake” background of them. It’s awesome.

  3. All of my dogs go out the way G0d intended. As far as the jousting, that must have been cool to see! Brilliant!


  4. Well, that was educative! Sure didn’t see that coming. And I had no idea they lived in a barn…

    I prefer the Westeros version of the Middle Ages. Or a Middle Age-like Age.

    • 🙂 I do try! They didn’t really live in barns, but the barns were often attached to the house because the animals provided warmth.

      And I agree with you. Westeros is way better. Minus all the stabbing and Whitewalkers. I could do without those bits.

  5. I love all of the terms that come from medieval time: bed and board, cubby holes (because they put babies in drawers), and whatnot. Why do I like this more than flagons of ale? Because I’m a hopeless word nerd. But I love you anyway (and you do look so fake happy in that crown).

    • Fake happy, indeed. The real happy came later when I got to see Carter seethe with jealousy when I got that rose. (Hint: I only got it because I was literally the ONLY woman over 9 and under 90 in the first row. But I’ll take it.)

      But I’m a word nerd, too. And we got some goodies out of that time, for sure.

  6. 1. I was in labor with Eve for 22 hours before they declared her petite 6 lbs, 13 oz frame stuck in my birth canal. An emergency c-section ensued. My doctor commented, “You know all the women that used to die in childbirth? That would have been you.” Totally made me want to have more. (Also, thank the good Lord for c-sections because some of the following children included a TEN lb,2oz babe, and a tiny little ELEVEN pound,3 oz darling.)

    2. I cannot tell you how incredibly jealous I am that you’ve gone to Medieval Times.

    3. I love how the dog spawned that post. That is all.

    • I am very glad that you live in modern times and survived all of your babies and weren’t accused of witchcraft just because you have a petite birth canal. ….Or something like that. Is it weird that I just referenced your hoohah? We’re gonna just say no.

      You MUST take the kids sometime. They would love it. It’s a ton of fun. And yes, my brain does work in weird and terrifying ways. Oh, the connections!

  7. wow, i read that like you were typing fast again. did you take something to wake you back up after you deep night sleep? it’s snowing here. hey amy up there, i slept in a dresser drawer for the first 6 months of my life and sabrina up above amy, who hasn’t heard the trip trop of piglet feet in their house?

    you town people have so much fun. what do medieval diners eat for dessert? entertaining and informative yet again.

    • I typed it really fast. I can’t have coffee til we figure out the tummy trouble so I had two cups of black tea thinking there wasn’t that much caffeine in it. Wrong. So very, very wrong. I’m jealous of your snow! I LOVE snow!

      And please write about sleeping in a drawer. I tried it once and my mom yelled at me. And I’ve actually never been around piglets. Are they as adorable as I imagine them being?

  8. I now have a visual–two, actually–for whenever someone uses the term “horse’s ass.” Cannot stop laughing.

    • Yes, you do! They really do the public a disservice by putting the food troughs in the back of their stalls. Everyone who’s been to Medieval Times probably has a picture with a horse’s ass. It’s like their best souvenir.

  9. I grew up less than an hour from Orlando and we went to Medieval Times many, many times. I always felt super special when I got a rose (which was actually almost every time, I must have had a rose magnet as a 13 y/o or something). I can’t imagine what a different experience it must be as an adult and able to drink too…
    As for raincoats for dogs, I think Moose would sit patiently and let me put it on him once, but he LOVES the rain and would never let me near him a 2nd time.

  10. Wow…I’m suddenly incredibly thankful for pharmacies and modern medicine! I’m guessing they would have assumed I had terrible demons should I have ended up with Thyroid problems back then…that’s if I didn’t die at 17 of course!

    Also – I will never be able to look at a chicken now without thinking “is it bitchy? Is it murderous? Because it is a fricking chicken!”

  11. Damn, you know a lot about the middle ages! Who knew drowning in a ditch would be the #1 cause of death. Who knew chickens were bitches? I had never heard to the word “flagon” … seriously. I love the way it sounds! I will try to find a way to work it into the next thing I write. As Bev said, entertaining and informative.

    • I am a huge nerd – that is why. But yea, when I studied that whole ditch drowning thing, I was all “wtf?!” Crazy, right? But yes, flagon should come back into everyday use, I think. I hope to see it in your next post. 🙂

  12. A fellow Harry Potter fan…a kindred spirit!!

  13. you know what else would be terrible? The smell! man, people probably smelled TERRIBLE back then.

    also, I’ve never been to Medieval Times. I don’t even know where to find one! but it sounds right up my alley

    • Can you imagine?! You only got one bath a year or so, unless you were filthy rich. And no Old Spice for the mens! Ick!

      You should go! They have a website that lists all of their locations. I thinks there are 10 or so. The Man would love it!

  14. Peaches or should I say, the random photo you found on the internet which I will now attribute to Peaches, cracks me up! I bought a sweater for my papillon once. When we put it on her for Christmas pictures, she turned into a statue. Would not budge at all. I don’t even think she blinked. She was so inwardly freaked out by said sweater..we had a good laugh, snapped a picture and promptly threw it away.

    • Ah, Peaches. Too funny. Dog sweaters are acceptable in my opinion.That is, of course, if your dog likes them…which your dog clearly does not. Rigby does well with her comfort girdle but hates clothes. Lolabear doesn’t fit into anything, so we haven’t tried. 🙁

  15. Cute stand in for Peaches! So funny. I have not done this type of show, but did got to a castle in Ireland when I was younger and they had us living in the period, and we ate with our fingers and drank Meade. Yes, Pinot is A LOT better!

    • Haha, thanks! That would have been amazing! When I was in Russia, they served us Meade at this one place that was the same recipe used in the Middle Ages. Ghastly. And super high-proof. One glass of it and everyone was falldown drunk!

  16. Just found your blog – totally loving it. AND getting edumacated while entertained, now that’s service.
    Also another awesome thing about present times: tampons! Seriously!

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