And that’s when I realized… I wanted to marry Nick.

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Today’s post is by Caitlin Mock.

Nick and I had been together about nine months when we went to the shelter to meet a dog.  Nick wanted to get me a dog for my birthday three months prior but it took us awhile to get around to it. However, I dragged us to the shelter as soon as I saw this face online:

The shelter listed him as Quincy, a two year old (lie), Bassett Hound mix (maybe a lie?), that was sweet and happy going. I grew up with a beloved beagle and really wanted another hound dog and he seemed like he could be the perfect fit for us.

When we got to the shelter to meet Quincy he was already outside in a kennel. We walked by lots of dogs inside that were all sitting quietly, pleading to be pet or taken home. Then we got to Quincy and saw this:

Plus this:

Gone was the sweet hound dog wearing a bandanna and looking for a home and in his place was a crazy dog, leaping six feet in the air, barking like a maniac, growling at every dog, person and shadow around. He ignored us until we offered him treats, which he took out of our hands like a great white shark.

I looked at Nick and said, “We have to take him. He’s perfect.”

Now, Nick and I have a lot in common but we also have some very strong differences. He’s not impetuous or irrational. He thinks through his decisions. He’s emotional but can sort through emotions in a much more logical way than I can. Clearly, he thought I was nuts.

After visiting with Quincy longer and taking him for a walk away from the shelter, he began to calm down and pay attention to us. He started to wag his tail and give us kisses and I’m sure Nick knew at this point that there was no turning back.  This dog had been in a shelter in Oklahoma City for months before being transferred to Boulder where he’d waited for weeks for someone to give him a chance. He was wild, he had a tattoo on his stomach (really, he does) and he was 50% off. We were his last chance.

So we paid $24.50 and took him home. The first night was rough. Grover, the over-20-pound cat beast was not overjoyed, Quincy was literally bouncing off the walls and barking non-stop and then somebody (we still don’t know who) peed.

But we kept him and gave him a chance to be a good dog and a part of our family. He still has many irrational fears (waves, umbrellas, mustaches, hats…) but he is a loyal, loving friend who gets countless dog cupcakes, squeaky toys, ear scratches and walks.

He and Grover are also best friends. Proof:

I’d had inklings that I could marry Nick before, like the time he sent me flowers because it was supposed to rain and the time he took care of four weeping women when my family beagle passed away. But seeing him willing to give this dog a second lease on life even though I’m sure his head was saying, “This can only end in tears!” proved to me what I’d always known: This was a kind, decent, and patient man that loved me so much he even let me bring Kujo’s hound cousin into our home.

We are getting married on May 18th

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  1. What a moving (yet funny) post. Makes me want a doggie…

  2. That is such a sweet story! I’m glad it had a happy ending for everyone.

  3. oh my gosh, i loooove this story! first, what a great way to realize that someone is “the one.” plus i’m a huge sucker for any pet adoption stories, especially one like this where a maybe not-so-immediately-attractive dog was given a chance to be an awesome family pet. perfection!

  4. What a sweet story! I’m stopping by from Karen’s!

  5. Sweet story and I loved the crazy picture of the dog jumping up! haha Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. 🙂

  6. Thank you for all your nice comments and feedback. We sure do love Quincy and couldn’t picture our lives without him. We’d hoped he could be the ring dog but those irrational fears of his aren’t too compatible with a crowd of people!

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