The sluttiest blog post I have ever written. (Calm down, other feminists, it’s not like that.)

I’m a little bit out of funny today. I’ll be fine – it’s nothing a long run and homemade chicken piccata won’t cure. But in the interim, I’m all out of it.

So what do I do when I’m all out of funny? You guessed it. I slut up the already existing funny on this blog.

I’m going to take this un-funny day to remind you that we are 14 followers short of being able to start the next giveaway, which is a Stella and Dot Cosmetic Pouf in the color of your choice. And, to sweeten the pot, if I get to 150 followers this week, there will be a bonus giveaway prize. So that means you’ll have chances to win two things. Because I’m feeling on fire or something.

Let’s also not forgot, oh bloggy friends o’ mine, that the grand prize is a custom header for your blog of Facebook page by the RIDICULOUSLY talented AshleyRose. But I can’t give you an opportunity to win until I have 150 Google Friend Connect Followers.

So if you read Nested and want me to bring the funny back, it wouldn’t hurt if you indulged my blog-slutting and followed me.

No, really. If this blog-slutting pays off, I’ll be feeling ridiculously upbeat and might even talk about the time I threw up on a mountain. Or about how my beagle is a cyborg. Or something equally delightful.

So tell your friends, family, and pizza guy to follow Nested so that you can win free stuff. How you slut it up to get them to do that is your business. I find lemon bars to be particularly enticing. But that’s your business – I won’t interfere.

I’ll be back tomorrow with either the second Tumblr post (if I can muster the strength) or something epic. Probably about my uterus. But you never know.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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  1. I hope it works. It still doesn’t make sense why you don’t have a million followers.

  2. cheer up butter cup – someone or something has just tipped your happy bucket over. i want you to stand it back up and begin to gather up the little bits of happy you see around it. soon it will be full again.
    this is what i tell all my children.
    ps will you rig the contest so an old blog whore like myself might win???

    • You always know what to say, Bev. I’m keeping a log of your expressions to say to my future babies. And I love this one so very much.

      I will do my best! 🙂 We blog whores have to stick together, right? haha xx

  3. I am already a follower and come here for my daily dose of laughs, chuckles and the unknown factor of what you will be writing about next! I am interested i hte Beagle story for sure! Good luck!

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