A post about BlogLovin’ and how I’m such a pushover that I’m caving on the giveaway…..

Ok, kittens. This is not a real post. I know it looks like a real post, but it’s not.

Rather, this is me and my desperate self, desperately trying to get picked for kickball because we desperately want to be liked.

And no, I’m not at all insecure.

Incidentally, I never got picked for kickball. I think it’s because I have impeccable aim. …right into the pitchers waiting arms. Oh well.

By now, I’m sure that most of you (in blog land anyway) have heard that Google and Blogger are doing away with Google Friend Connect (GFC) which is how most of you follow blogs. Including this one.

Why are they doing this? They’re trying to promote Google+, which is their version of Facebook. It’s ok – I don’t get it either.

But don’t panic! (PLEASE)

There is this AMAZING site for reading and following all of your favorite blogs. I’ll be doing a tutorial on it tomorrow. But in the meantime, go ahead and set up an account with them so that you’ll be ready to follow along when I teach you to transfer all of your followed blogs…..

Bloglovin’ is its name. Blog following is its…. oh, I’m too tired to finish that.

I’m not going to patronize you with an tutorial about setting up a Bloglovin’ account. 1. Because it’s the easiest thing in the world; and 2. Because if you are reading this right now, you had the wherewithall to set up a Google account which means that you can handle this. We’ll wait for you to get back.

*humming* Does anyone know any good jokes? No?

Man walks into a bar. Second man ducks.

I know. That’s terrible. But it is literally the only joke I know.

Are you back? Thank God. I was losing control of the audience over here.

Now that you have a Bloglovin’ account, click this link to follow my blog on there:

Follow on Bloglovin

Here’s the incentive:

I currently have 37 followers on Bloglovin.’ If I get to 75 followers on there, I will start the next round of the giveaway. I realized that going for Google Friend Connect followers seemed a little silly in light of the fact that they will be doing away with it entirely in a mere month or so. So follow me on Bloglovin’ and I will be your best friend and kick the ball to you so that your team can win.

Because I love you like that.

If you need a refresher on the prizes, here is the new layout:

So, here’s what you need to remember from this fake blog post:

1. Follow me on Bloglovin’

Follow on Bloglovin

2. Do not freak out about Bloglovin’. I will post a tutorial tomorrow that will teach you how to transfer all of the blogs you follow from Google to Bloglovin.’ And I will also teach you how to sort those blogs into manageable categories for easy reading. (I was skeptical at first, but it really is an amazing site and helps me keep track of all of my reading.) 

3. Stay tuned later for a real post. No, really. It’s going to happen.

Unless I get lost in a sea of this:

Yea. We’re moving. So if I’m not back today, I got lost in the hoarder’st nest and need a rescue party. Bring cantaloupe.

‘Til later, y’all!

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  1. Oh for eff’s sake, I have to get my meager pile of followers to switch to a new thingamabob?! What crap is this? Fortunately, I already have the bloglovin’ button installed. Now I have to pander. I hate pandering. But I love you and will now follow you via bloglovin’ (which, incidentally, I want to call McLovin’ every time I see the button).

    • I know, I know, I know. I don’t like it either. But, apparently, there will be much less need for pandering on Bloglovin’ than GFC, once it’s all said and done.

      Don’t worry – your wonderful followers will get the hang of McLovin’

  2. I’m with Amy. On the whole sentiment.

  3. Okay, I have a bloglovin’ button, but can’t figure out on my new format how to get it to show up. Oh for cryin’ in the corn. But i will say, I love that bloglovin’–or McLovin’ according to Amy, or McBloggin’ or whatever–sends me an email with all the latest posts from all the blogs I follow. Delightful! And I went ahead and just bought a key fob from OhKoey because I loved them so! Happy mother’s day to me! And then I read Liza’s post about drag queens and now my head is spinning. Gracious. So much has happened in such a short span of time, my head is aspin. (I think I made that word up. Let’s roll with it.)

    • Anna, I believe you have the “advanced” template that blogger offers now. It’s the same one I use for my illustration blog and it’s super persnickety about what you can put on the sidebar. I would suggest adding a bloglovin button at the bottom of each post. I try to remember to do this (and usually forget) but I keep the html in an rtf file on my desktop so I can always just copy it into the post. According to BlogLovin, bloggers who put the button at the bottom of their posts gain followers much faster so even though it’s not really aesthetically pleasing, it might be helpful!

    • Thank you, AshleyRose! That is good to know, and incredibly helpful. (I gotta say, when you said my blog is “advanced” I felt a measure of pride, until you threw out the HTML curse word and I realized that it’s Blogger that’s advanced itself and I, by default, was hauled along…then the pride went kaput.) But this too I shall figure out. Again, thanks!

    • Success! Thank you AshleyRose and Kate! (Doing a happy dance…)

    • AshleyRose, you are amazing. Thank you!

      And Anna, I’m glad it works for you! 🙂

  4. Ahh, this is all too familar! I’ve been playing with BlogLovin all weekend, trying to create my profile and get it all set-up (which is why I follow you when I have an account and then it shows I’ve dropped off–but, that’s only when I delete round #-whatever of trying to set up my blog there! xD) I love the news feed! Just trying to get my own to show up now! (: BUT, when I finally iron it out, you will be showing up to me once again 🙂


  5. So there are two muffins sitting in an oven. One muffin turns to the other and says, “Man, it’s hot in here!” The other says, “Holy crap! A talking muffin!”

    I always feel left out because I don’t have Google Friend Connect since I’m on WordPress.org. Sad face. But the good news is, I already follow you on Bloglovin’ Happy face! Don’t worry ladies, Bloglovin’ is delightful.

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