Winners of the #NestedBlogCopyCat contest!

Hey, remember when I hosted that super ridiculous #NestedBlogCopyCat contest? Well, the time has come, babies. Look at your beautiful selves! Just look!
I was completely blown away by how many people participated and how awesome y’all look next to those beautiful animals of yours. My mom had the hardest time picking a winner and wants me to tell all of you, from the bottom of her impartial little heart, that she wishes she could give all of you a prize. 
But baby don’t make that much money, amiright? 
You’ll recall that this contest had two categories: the first was the photo portion (seriously, y’all are amazeballs) and the second was for the more timid among you and required you only to comment with a funny story about your favorite animal. 
First things first. The winner of the comment prize of a $20 Amazon gift card is… awindell! Email me to claim your prize, dahling! 
And now, for the main event, the winner of the photo contest and a $20 Amazon gift card is…..
Congratulations, Chris! My mom had a devil of a time picking and spent half of her time wailing at me that I was so unfair for making her choose! (There may have been some tantrum-fueled flailing as well. I’ll never tell.)
….and so, because I’m not in the business of what my mother calls “cruel and unusual punishment,” I let her pick a second winner. That’s right. I’m going to gift you kittens a third $20 gift card. (I’ll be eating generic canned tuna to be able to do so, but y’all know how much I love you.) 
The second winner that was “sooooooooo cute” that it made my mom do her Jamie-Lee-Curtis-in-Christmas-With-the-Kranks squeal is….. 
I want you all to know that this selection process was so stressful for my sweet mother that she had to go have a lie down. She may also be contacting all of you so that she can send you a conciliatory fruit basket or candy bag. No, really – she feels that bad.  
I hope that you all had as much fun participating as I had watching all of the entries come in. You (and your pets) are tops. 
If you won, shoot me an email to claim your prize! 
For the rest of you, we’ll be doing this again – fear not. So prepare your A game. I can’t promise anything, but the next one might be Christmas themed. ….and be for more money. 
I have the best readers ever – this proves it! Enjoy your Fridays, lovebugs! 

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  1. Holy moly! Thank you so much and please, give your Mom a big hug for me and tell her we had so much fun doing it, she shouldn’t feel bad. Really!
    To be fair, I’ll split the prize with Edward. Should be interesting to see what he gets with it…

  2. these are GREAT! I often wonder what I look like when I go around imitating my animals. well, it’s not so much going around imitating them as telling a story at work and trying to get the body language right. I should be on TV.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad Zoey and I could bring extra squeals into your mother’s life. One can never squeal often enough.
    I completely loved your contest and hope to see more in the future!


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