I’m in a glass case of anxiety.

I’m waiting for some rather big news about grad school. I’ve been waiting for 6 months for this news, but today is the deadline. As in…[source]

Now, because I am nothing if not a perfectly rational person, I have been coping with the stress by allowing my body to consume itself from the inside out, and not in that sexy, tapeworm sort of way. Rather, as my anxiety has reached a fever pitch this week, my body has reacted with insomnia, nausea, headaches, lightheadedness, and general misery.

And no, kittens – I ain’t pregnant. I checked. After all, taking pregnancy tests might be my superpower. I know, I know. It’s a huge sacrifice to do so much for the betterment of the world, but someone’s got to.

Anyway, life must go on, right? Even when waiting for news and chewing my fingernails off, I still have responsibilities to attend to. The art must go on.

I was painting this morning and watching The Golden Girls in the background. This is, normally, a perfect and amazing life choice. This morning, however, it was the episode where Sophia thinks she’s dying. That part isn’t as heavy as you’d expect. But then Rose tells Dorothy the story of her husband’s heart attack and how he asked her to dress him before the paramedics arrived and then they got in a fight because she was trying to put white pants on him in December and then he told her he loved her and died. And then Rose says, “I dressed him in gray flannel pants and a blue shirt. And he looked very handsome for the paramedics.”

And that’s the part where I started sobbing hysterically.

Let me tell you, my crying face makes Kim Kardashian’s look freakin’ gorgeous. Puckered lips. Swollen eyes. Snot bubbles.

I know. Gross. I’m just keeping it real for you. I’ll keep you posted with the news, good or bad. Until then, I can be reached on the floor, where I will be clutching a frantically-trying-to-escape labradoodle and sobbing hysterically, possibly screaming, “F*ck you, Rose Nylund! F*ck you, you beautiful, sensitive nitwit!”

See? Perfectly rational and even-keeled.

Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. Sending so much love and support your way, kitten! And I’m crossing my fingers and toes and any other digits I can find, on myself and others.


  2. I keep picturing you dog, trying to decide between enjoying the love of mommy’s hug, and being able to breathe.

  3. Ok read this and it left me wondering

  4. I totally know that episode and it would have made me sob uncontrollably too!

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