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Wonka 2

Once upon a time, there was this lady. She wasn’t a particularly special lady, more just your run-of-the-mill kind of lady with a day job and a family and a hostile uterus and a Labradoodle that is, as a friend put it, “clearly a person in a dog suit.”


This lady had a blog. This lady LOVED her blog. And other people seemed to like the lady’s blog, too. Lots of people read it. Lots of people told the lady that they liked it. The lady was very proud.

Then, one day, the lady went to a blogging conference. She was told all of the things her blog wasn’t. She was told all of the things it needed to be if she ever wanted it to be a book. She was told everything her blog needed to become and all the things it needed to be to make money and be successful.

This was weird for the lady because she didn’t start the blog to make money. She started it to make people happy. But she forgot this. She listened to those people from the blogging conference and started posting different sorts of things. The blog changed a lot.

And people stopped reading.

Lots of people stopped reading.

In fact, so many people stopped reading so suddenly that the lady’s analytics data graph looked like a steep cliff…. over which her blog had fallen.

That wasn’t the people’s fault. They had read the lady’s blog because, for some reason or another, it made them happy. Or, at the very least, it made them say, “Well, at least I didn’t do that,”  which is often just as good as being happy.


In any case, the people stopped reading and, so, the lady stopped writing. She didn’t want to disappoint people. She convinced herself that the blog was never that good anyway. She told herself that it wasn’t as much fun as it really had been. She made herself believe that she should shut it down and remove it for good.

But she didn’t. And as months went by, she realized that she missed the blog. She missed it a lot. This, however, required some soul-searching. What did she miss about it? And how could she find her way back to it?

When the blog was best, and most fun, the lady decided, was when it was honest and funny and un-curated. In other words, the blog was best and most fun when the blog was like the lady pictured herself.

So the lady made a decision to go back. She thinks she knows the way back. She’s at least going to try.

There will undoubtedly be some U-turns.

There will be more discussion of uteruses. (Uteri?)

There will be labradoodle photos.

There will probably even be another post comparing the lady’s period to Lord of the Rings.

She hopes you’ll be okay with that.

She hopes you’ll come along for the ride.


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