Coloring Book Winner!


How are you? Are you snowed in? Are you enjoying warm beverages indoors while you watch people pelt one another with snowballs, cackling to yourself about how much wiser you are than they – you, under a blanket with your hot coffee and your cross stitch and your wool socks and your angry pet fish?

No? Just me?


In any case, we have a winner for the Dogs or Cats in Sweaters coloring book giveaway! Heather Hart, come on down! (You’re being emailed shortly!)

Everyone else, don’t forget that AshleyRose offered Nested readers a coupon code in case they didn’t win! (NESTED30) The coloring books are each $5 originally. The coupon is for 30% off. That takes you down to $3.50/coloring book. Quite a deal if you ask me – especially considering the fact that it’s a downloadable pdf that you can print and print forever. Again, that code is nested30.

So head on over to AshleyRose’s Etsy store, Fox and Crayon, and pick up your copy at an amazing price. The coupon is good until February 1!

I know that my fish and I will be spending our snowy afternoon coloring. He has commanded that we color from the Dogs in Sweaters book. Cats make him nervous. I can’t imagine why.

Congratulations, Heather! Everyone else, treat yourself to a discounted coloring book and relax away! (It’s gonna be a long week).

Happy coloring, kittens!

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